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Post: Python Cheatsheet

Python Cheatsheet

Published 08:08 Aug 02, 2020.

Created by @ezra. Categorized in #Programming, and tagged as #Cheatsheet.

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Python cheatsheet



# With *args you can pass on parameters 
# with already defined values
def myFun(*argv):
    for arg in argv:
        print (arg)

myFun('Hello', 'Welcome', 'to', 'GeeksforGeeks')

# with **kwargs you can add keyworded, variable-length 
# argument list as a paramter to a function
# One can think of the kwargs as being a dictionary that maps 
# each keyword to the value that we pass alongside it
def myFun(**kwargs):
    for key, value in kwargs.items():
        print ("%s == %s" %(key, value))

myFun(first ='Geeks', mid ='for', last='Geeks')  

# You can also combine args and kwargs together inside a paramter
def myFun(*args,**kwargs):
    print("args: ", args)
    print("kwargs: ", kwargs)


Python Folder Structure

-README -- basic readme - -- if you have configs - requirements.txt -- for pip dependencies - venv/ -- for virtualenv - /scripts -- for that kind of command-line interface stuff - /tests -- for your tests - /lib -- for your C-language libraries - /doc -- for most documentation - /apidoc -- for the Epydoc-generated API docs. - /appname or /src -- that has the main project code

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