Jun. 22nd, 2024
2024年 5月 17日


Today is the A Memorial Day
A Developer's Faux Pas
Ezra @ezra 11:05 May 03, 2024

uConsole with Raspberry Pi CM4 Lite

Ezra @ezra 00:02 Feb 10, 2024


Ezra @ezra 03:01 Jan 16, 2024


广东省 · 深圳市
Ezra @ezra 17:01 Jan 11, 2024

闲暇时间完成了 ShyBee 日记系统,再见了 Day One。

广东省 · 深圳市
Ezra @ezra 00:09 Sep 13, 2023


广东省 · 深圳市
Ezra @ezra 16:07 Jul 25, 2023

A Linux Distributions Tier List

Ezra @ezra 15:06 Jun 22, 2023

RedHat becomes "closed source". Who didn't see this coming?

Ezra @ezra 15:05 May 06, 2023

Hello Flippers ~

广东省 · 深圳市
Ezra @ezra 14:04 Apr 24, 2023

While the new Ubuntu 23.04 release keep crashing, we bring you the first stable version of LyargoOS Linux, an Arch Linux based distro with themed KDE Plasma desktop environment and more.

Ezra @ezra 15:04 Apr 10, 2023

Weird hope will always remain. That may be, now. Or now. Pick a now, any now. Let's figure it out.

北京市 · 朝阳区
Ezra @ezra 12:03 Mar 29, 2023


四川省 · 成都大熊猫繁育研究基地
Ezra @ezra 00:02 Feb 14, 2023


广东省 · 深圳市宝安区
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