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Post: Right now, some idle thoughts

Right now, some idle thoughts

Published 13:06 Jun 24, 2022.

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I wish I could wrap you into my arms.

Kiss you, as before.

You are lodged in my heart… I long to hear from you, to be around you, to see you.

These bouts of silence, a slow suffocation.

I never know what to think of myself, or what to make of it all. I've never expected you to reach out the times you have, out of nowhere, like nothing.

Yes, it's complicated. I don't know what you've taken away from everything. Though I know to cringe and shudder, debating all the potential interpretations. And, even still… I need you.

All this time, I've longed for that odd space that we share. Not knowing, wondering, lingering. Existing with the urge still tucked inside myself.

It's you. Even when the silence grates against my nerves, buzzing them into jagged edges… I am yours. And I long to make it right.

I need relief (from you, for you, with you). Let's figure out how to be together, exactly as we are. However that may be, now. Or now. Pick a now, any now.

Weird hope will always remain.


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