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Post: Engineer 10 principles Cheatsheet

Engineer 10 principles Cheatsheet

Published 08:08 Aug 02, 2020.

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10 principles to live by as a Software Engineer:

1) Don’t blame people for bugs and outages; improve processes and extract lessons instead.

2) Communicate clearly and unambiguously; confusion from miscommunication kills software projects.

3) Favor small pull requests over big ones; they’re less error-prone and easier to review.

4) Know when to stop piling on tech debt in a codebase; tech debt can be used as a currency for velocity, but too much of it leads to paralysis.

5) When possible and sensible, automate; it’ll pay off in spades in the long run.

7) Don’t make product decisions because of engineering reasons (with some exceptions); the end goal is the product—not the code.

8) Don’t get too attached to the code you write; it’ll likely have to be altered or even deleted in the future.

9) Unless absolutely necessary, don’t reinvent the wheel; most popular libraries and tools are popular for a reason.

10) Document your code; future maintainers of the codebase, including yourself, will thank y

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