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Post: Hey. Things are getting bad again

Hey. Things are getting bad again

Published 11:10 Oct 30, 2020.

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You made me promise to tell you when things were getting worse again but I just can’t. Something tells me that things aren’t bad enough to talk about them, that I can still turn everything around. That this is just a slip, I’ll be getting back on track soon.

But I cry a little harder now, the sleepless nights are getting longer and when I do sleep, I sleep the days away wishing for the morning after never to come.

There’s this lingering feeling that takes my breath away, it’s so exhausting. I’m tired all the time now.

The bags underneath my eyes are darker, it feels like I could break at any moment, like I’m holding myself back from crying all the time. My heart is heavy, it makes me choke on tears that aren’t there.

But I cannot tell you. I know you said I wouldn’t burden you and I know I should but I just cannot. I’m so so so sad and I don’t want you to know.

I’m sorry. Maybe someday I’ll let you know but for now, let me fight it by myself. I’ve done it before so surely I can do it again.

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