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Published 03:06 Jun 14, 2020.

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Sometimes I wish I had never met you. I miss you very much and I would like to contact you, but I know why I can’t. So much time has passed and I’m pretty sure we’re different people now.... well, you’re a different person now. I’m sure that we would have nothing to talk about anyway. This saddens me very much because my heart bleeds. I miss you more than I should. I don’t want to make things difficult for you and be disrespectful either. I remember those moments we had so many years ago. I remember the “fantasy” we lived in. I remember how you use to gaze in my eyes and how you fell in love with what you saw. While I fell in love with what I heard. We Had such a passionate love for one another it was unreal. Me being the pessimist/realist I was, used to remind you that this won’t last, you used to tell me, “I know that, Just let me enjoy my fantasy while I can”. Whoever you have now is very lucky to have you. They’d never have to worry about feeling alone. I wish to be cherished again that way but I know it’s not going to happen because I understand some things just aren’t meant to be, I don’t deserve to be loved like that anyways. Any-who, I’ll stop gawking and leave you alone. I know that’s what you prefer. I don’t know if you’ll read this, probably not. Either way it’s my therapy.

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