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Post: You're everywhere

You're everywhere

Published 11:08 Aug 26, 2020.

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I started feeling you a couple of days ago, after all this time, after thinking it isn't going to happen, after convincing myself it's not going to work out, and yet part of me never gave up on this hope, this possibility of us figuring something out, some kind of way, because we both know what this is, and we know what we mean to each other. I've felt your tender, sweet, romantic, nostalgic side, loving side for a few days now, it moves in and out in waves.I know you're thinking about me, I know I keep haunting you and this time it won't let go. I see how you see me, how wonderful you think I am, how fascinating you find me, and how drawn you are to me. I feel this fiery intensity, have visions of you putting your hands on me and barely being able to contain yourself. I feel it as if you're here with me now. I know it's happening to you too, I haven't felt your longing like this in a long time, and I know it's not just in my imagination, there's something happening. I know you're on your way, I know something has shifted inside of you and you know you can't deny it, can't escape, and that you're going to have to do something about it, or it'll drive you mad. I know it's crazy to believe in something so beautiful, wonderful and mystical, even as it's almost too intense, almost scary. I know it's difficult to imagine that this can exist, even after all the experiences and life we've led, we both have struggled to believe this was real, that it could exist, that there's a love so miraculous, that it could change us, that it won't leave, no matter what happened or happens between us. It's hard to imagine that there is a person that truly feels like they belong with us, that we were meant to be somehow, and even as I write that I feel this cynicism creep in, like, that's funny, true love, huh? How sweet, how romantic, what a happy little ending, can that be real? You know it is. I know it is. We've been shown together and apart, it isn't going anywhere, we might as well let ourselves have it. Life won't ever be perfect, that doesn't exist, but love is perfect, and we've found it after all these years, us, in each other, in ourselves, in life, it's right there. We're right on the edge of this cliff, leaving our old lives behind, and leaping together into the unknown, we can do it together, take my hand, look me in the eyes, and lets leap, we know it'll be better than anything we've known before. We already got a glimpse of what it can be, let's go find out what adventures await us, when we have the courage to go after what our hearts and souls have been screaming at us since we met. Yes it's me, yes it's you, yes, there will always be an us, no matter what happens. What are you waiting for? There's no more excuses, there's no more reasons to hold back, there's nothing left to be afraid of, unless you're afraid of letting yourself know what it's like to have real love, to have someone.

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